Welcome ☆ everybody

Welcome to Lucien's small subdomain hosting service Bellerose Hosting! Hosting here is 100% free, anti-ads, suitable for anime and non-anime blogs, collectives and/or resources sites - yaoi/slash sites are more than welcome ;) - and (hopefully) the highest quality possible. Feel free to look around...and maybe sign up.
Cheers. Lucien <3

None for now. :) You can join here

Big opening ☆ 07.09.2018

The service is open; I worked like never before to open this the soonest possible...but I'm glad I did, as I've missed providing a free space for people who want to open their first site but don't know or simply don't wanna go through all the fuss of paying for an hosting package with cPanel and all that jazz. ^.^

The layout is a premade I found on my favorite designs site, Rizu's 44 Sunsets, and feature a super cute artwork and super summer-y colors; I loved the super simplicity and elegance of this premade, so it was pretty much a natural choice.

Have to go now, as it's almost dinner time; see you on the next entry.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful summer. ♥